And the rest is rust and stardust.

On another note, I applied for school…

…not that any of you care.


Calcite with Malachite inclusionsBisbee, Arizona

I’m out $106 cause I thought it would be a good idea to buy one of the Flud Richwood watches for my love for our one year. Anyways, the point of this was that UO sent me an email saying it’s been shipped but the order status still says pending soooo, what’s up with that?

Sooo has it been shipped or naaaaw?


Of Lights and Colours by yushimoto_02 [christian] on Flickr.
Amsterdam - Stedelijk Museum Light Installation by Dan Flavin.

On my list of places to visit.

Iphone 6 plus or galaxy 5…


Fluorite - Komshejeh Mine, Komshejeh, Ardestan County, Esfahan Province, Iran

I am completely overwhelmed and beguiled by this boy.


Roses blanches dans un compotier, Jac Martin Ferrieres. French (1893 - 1972)

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2014

Anonymous said: I wonder how you're doing from time to time, and I hope you're doing well :) I deleted my tumblr, you probably noticed.. unless u not talking about me, then sorry for assuming lol

I know you do. I still haven’t gotten used to not talking to you daily; it’s weird not having you around in a way. I hope everything is okay with you.